TREASURER'S REPORT A.G.M. SATURDAY  21st APRIL 2018 1. The Postgate Society Restricted Fund held by the Diocese currently stands at £3387.08 2. The Society's Current Account at the previous meeting held on 14 th   October 2017 stood at £4538.89 3. For the first time the Diocesan Finance Office contacted me for the Current Account details relating to the calendar year 1 January 2017 – 31st December 2017. Under new management, extra information is required for all Diocesan Accounts, including those pertaining to Lourdes and the Postgate Society. 4. The details given to the Finance Office were that on 1st January 2017 the Account stood at £4325.89, and on 31st December was £4304.89,  £21 less than in January.  24 receipts had been paid in as income and 4 cheques were paid out as expenditure: £57 to the Ordnance Survey on 16th June for 12 months permission to use their map extracts in the Postgate Trail leaflet,  £217 to Jet Print on 29th June for printing  1000 Postgate Trail leaflets,  £145 to Baker Printers on 4th December for printing 3000 Nicholas Postgate book marks,  and finally £192 to Jet Print on 6th December for a further 1000 Postgate Trail leaflets. 5. With further donations since 1st January 2018, the Current Account now stands at £4467.89, thus the total income from the last meeting held  in October 2017 was £276, and the total expenditure for the same period was £347. 6.  In short, the Postgate Society has the following funds to hand:   £3387.08  in the Diocesan Restricted Fund. £4467.89  in the Society's Current Account. 1. The next Diocesan bank statement will be issued on 5th May 2018.                                                                                                      Rev. David Moss, Treasurer 21st April 2018.