THE  MARCHIONESS OF NORMANBY The   members   of   the   Postgate   Society   were   deeply   saddened   to   hear   of   the sudden   death   of   the   Dowager   Marchioness   of   Normanby,   on   the   15 th January 2018, at the age of 97 years. A   member   of   the   congregation   of   St.   Hedda’s   parish,   Egton   Bridge,   it   was always a pleasure to meet such a gracious lady and enjoy her company.     An enthusiastic   member   of   the   Postgate   Society,   we   were   very   privileged   to have her as our Honorary Patron who always took a lively interest in all we did. The Society has many happy memories of her time with us and we are very grateful   for   her   generosity   towards   our   work.         The   beautiful   Postgate window    in    St.    Hedda’s    church,    and    the    memorial    stones    at    Kirkdale Cottage,   Egton   Bridge,   the   reputed   site   of   his   birth,   and   at   The   Hermitage, near Ugthorpe, his later home, are a lasting memorial to her love of Blessed Nicholas Postgate. With a large family she was much loved by her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and will be greatly missed within her family.   Despite our sadness there is a great thankfulness for a wonderful long life lived with kindness    to    all    the    community.                             May    she    rest    in    peace. POSTGATE PRAYER GROUP This   photograph   is   of   a   group   of parishioners    of    Our    Lady    and    St Peter’s      parish      in      Bridlington, together   with   their   priest   Fr   Simon Leworthy.    The    group    have    been meeting   regularly   for   over   eighteen months     now     to     pray     for     the canonisation    of    the    martyr.    Mr Louis    Lalman,    convener    of    the group, is on the extreme right of the back row.