This 52 page illustrated book is a more in-depth study of Father Postgate than the small booklet that the author, Monica Ventress, produced in 2012. Because there is only a limited amount recorded about his life, some myths and legends have emerged over the years which tend to obscure the facts. After a carefull re- evaluation of all the available source material on Father Postgate, this book aims to present the facts in an interesting way. Political circumstances have changed much since penal times, and we are now free to worship God without discrimination. However, nothing can detract from the fact that so many Catholic priests died with courage for their belief in the importance of the Mass and the Sacraments. It is hoped that the example of Nicholas Postgate will make us appreciate the sacrifice our forebears made to help preserve the Catholic faith. Copies of this book, priced at £6.50 (including postage), are obtainable directly from Monica herself: Monica P. Ventress, Brookside, Littlebeck, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO22 5HA. Please make cheque payable to “Monica Ventress”.