Researching     RC     family     history     in penal   times   is   difficult   because   of   the scarcity   of   relevant   records   and   the wide    variety    of    depositories    where these      records      might      be      found. However,    for    the    period    after    the Catholic       Relief       Acts,       i.e.       the nineteenth      century      and      beyond, sacramental    registers    are    generally available   which   provide   a   continuous record   of   Catholic   families.   These   are a   valuable   supplement   to   civil   records such     as     the     Census     Enumerators Returns    and    the    Registry    of    Births, Marriages and Deaths.
From   North   and   East   Yorkshire,   the areas   where   Fr   Postgate   was   active, most      of      the      older      sacramental registers       are       in       Middlesbrough Diocesan     Archives.     For     access     to these   records      please   email   details   of your enquiry to: In     addition,     these     registers     have recently    been    photographed    by    the family   history   firm   FindmyPast    and are    freely    available    to    view    online. Press   the   following   link   to   go   to   the relevant page on their website: