Presented    by    BBC    Look    North    journalist    Tom Ingall,   this   film   was   produced   by   Matt   Overton   of the   Media   Studies   Department   of   the   University   of Bradford.    The    executive    producers    were    Monica Ventress and Vin McLaughlan of the Society. Filming    began    at    the    annual    Postgate    rally    in Egton   Bridge   in   2015,   and   includes   locations   in Whitby,   Robin   Hood’s   Bay,   Ugthorpe,   Hutton-le- Hole,    Ushaw,    Littlebeck,    Burton    Constable    and York.   Members   of   the   Whitby   Amateur   Dramatic Society     and     Whitby     Endeavour     Rotary     Club feature    in    reconstructed    scenes;    Ian    Pattison,    a parishioner   of   St   Hedda’s   Egton   Bridge,   plays   the part   of   Fr.   Postgate   himself.   As   well   as   the   life   of the    Martyr,    the    film    traces    the    history    of    the Protestant    reformation    and    its    impact    on    the Catholic communities in North Yorkshire. Monica   Ventress,   chair   of   the   Society,   said:   “The Postgate   Society   has   commissioned   this   DVD   to further   raise   awareness,   particularly   among   young people        in        our        schools        and        colleges.” Complimentary    copies    of    the    DVD    have    already been sent to every one of our diocesan schools Copies     of     the     DVD     are     available     from:     The Postgate     Society,     c/o     Middlesbrough     Diocesan Archives,      Curial      Offices,      50a      The      Avenue, Linthorpe,   Middlesbrough,   TS5   6QT.      A   donation of    £9    is    requested    for    each    copy    (please    make   cheques payable to “The Postgate Society”).
DVD of the life of Blessed Nicholas Postgate