It    was    with    deep   sorrow    that    we    heard    of    the    death    of    the    Honorary    Patron    of    our   Society,    the   Dowager   Marchioness    of   Normanby,    on   the    15th   January,    at   the    age    of   97   years. We    have    many    happy    memories    of   her    time    with    us    and    are    very    grateful    for   all   the    support    she    gave    over   the    years.   A    very    gracious    lady,    she    was    always    a   pleasure   to    meet,     and    her     lasting     memorial     will     be     the     beautiful     Postgate     window     in   St.   Hedda's    church    at    Egton    Bridge,    where    she    worshipped    so    regularly.   We    give    thanks   for   a   wonderful    long   life   lived    with    kindness    to all   the    community. During    the    past    year    the    Committee    has    met    on    the     15th    July    2017    and    the    24th   October    2017.   On    several    occasions    I    have    met    informally    with    some    members    to   discuss    distribution    of    the    Postgate    Trail    leaflet,    and    to    canvas    ideas    for    the    wording   for    a    plaque     at     the     Mass     House     on     Egton     Bank.     The     Postgate     Trail     leaflet     was   printed    shortly    after   our    last    A.G.M.    and   we    have    distributed    them    to    all    the    local churches,    at   the    2017   Rally,    and    anywhere    else   we    have    visited. The    owners    of    the    Mass   House    at   Egton    are    agreeable    to    a   blue    plaque,    similar    to    the   one    placed    at    Red   Barn,    Littlebeck,    to    be    placed    near    the    entrance    to    their    house.   I   have    met    them    and    shown    them    the    suggested    wording    to    be    placed    on    the    plaque,   and   we    have    agreed    a    suitable    site.   I    hope    we    can    conclude    this    project    in    the    near   future. The    Society    again    had    a    stall    at    the    2017    Rally    at    Egton    Bridge    and    we    sold    several DVD's     and    copies    of    the    book    about    the    life    of    Blessed    Nicholas    Postgate.     Bishop   Drainey    has    since    had    several    copies    of   the   DVD    to    give    to his    fellow    bishops. I    again    visited    the    York    Catholic   History    Day    at    the    Bar    Convent,    in    York,    and    sold   several    books    and    DVD's.   Generally    sales    are    slow    but    we    do    get    occasional    requests   per   post. I    would    like    to    thank    David    Smallwood    for    the    2018    Newsletter    he    produced,    and    for   all    the    work    he    does    to    promote    the    cause    of    Blessed    Nicholas    Postgate.   In    the    last   few    months    he    has    been    working    on    renewing    the    Postgate    Society    website,    which    is   now     up    and     running.   Thank     you     also    to    the    Rev.     David    Moss,     our    treasurer  ,    for   keeping    our    finances    in    good    order.   The    support    of   Father    Guiver    and    Father    Massie, together    with    the    work    of    all    the    Committee    members    during    the    past    year,    has    all   contributed    to   the    success    of   the    Society,    and I    am    very    grateful    for   their    help. M. P. Ventress