Draft Minutes of Annual General Meeting of the Postgate Society held on Saturday 21st April 2018 in St Anne’s Parish Rooms, Ugthorpe Fr Roger said an opening prayer Present: were Monica Ventress, Fr Roger Guiver, Vin McLaughlan, Rev. David Moss, Annette Moss, Anastasia Potter and David Smallwood. Apologies for absence were received from Tony Rhea, Audrey Rhea and Pat Pearson. Death of Lady Normanby: Monica began the meeting by remarking on the sad death of our Honorary Patron – a minutes silence was observed. Monica has received a card from Lord Normanby, son of our late patron, containing thanks for the sympathy note she had sent on behalf of the Society. Draft Minutes of the 2017 AGM: had been circulated in advance and these were approved. Minutes of the meeting of 14 th  October 2017: were distributed and were also approved. Matters arising:  1. Monica has been in contact with the present occupiers of the Egton Mass House. They are quite happy with the proposed erection of a Postgate plaque. A suitable location has been agreed – there is even an adjoining lay-bye for parking. Some discussion took place regarding the precise wording to be used on the plaque. 2. David reported that the new Postgate website is now online. The cost of two years web hosting plus rental of the domain name (postgatesociety.org.uk) was £40.79. The Hon. Treasurer provided him with a cheque for this amount. 3. We appreciate how difficult it is for Fr. Massie to travel all the way from Hull to attend our meetings. Monica is to write to him to suggest that he stand down from his position as Bishop’s representative at the Postgate Society. Chairman’s Report: Monica read through her report, which was also circulated to the meeting (see separate sheet). Treasurers Report: David Moss read through his report, which was also circulated to the meeting (see separate sheet). Summary:                  Current A/C    Restricted Fund Balance 14/10/17 £4, 538.89 Receipts                  276.00   Expenses                  347.00   Balance 21/4/18  £4, 467.89    £3, 387.08   The report was approved by the meeting. Election of Officers 2017-2018 There being no new nominations, the following officers were, with their assent, re-elected: Chairman, Mrs Monica Ventress; Secretary, Mr David Smallwood; Treasurer, Rev. David Moss Other Business: 1. Monica has agreed to talk to both the Sleights Methodists and the Mother’s Union about Nicholas Postgate. She plans to use the DVD. 2. David has agreed to talk to the Cleveland Newman Circle on “Egton Catholics 1500 to 1900" – this will include a section on Nicholas Postgate. 3. A purchaser of the Postgate DVD has complained that the copy they had received was faulty - this has been replaced. Dates of future meetings: 28 th  July 2018 27 th  October 2018 27th April 2019 (AGM) Closing Prayer: Rev. David Moss said the closing prayer.